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Who Stole Your Victory?

|The Promise Keeper|

God promises many things to the believer in His word, and one of these promises is victory. One example of this promise is found in 1 John 5:4 "For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith." The comforting thing about God's promises is that we know that we can depend on them. God cannot lie and His word is true. So why is it that it sometimes seems that the promises of God are not manifesting in our lives? If believers are promised victory, why are so many believers walking around defeated?

|The Stolen Promise|

Let's look at an example of someone who was promised victory, but ran into some challenges. God made a promise to Joshua saying, "Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you, as I said unto Moses." (Joshua 1:3) The only conditions that God left with Joshua were that he be strong, be courageous, observe the law of Moses, and be obedient. Joshua received these words and immediately began to walk in God's promise.

The first mission was to cross over Jordan and overtake Jericho. Joshua sent spies to scope out Jericho and the stage was all set for victory. God warned Israel that Jericho would be an accursed city and instructed them to abstain from anything from that city and to consecrate all the silver and gold to the Lord (Joshua 6:18-19). As promised, Israel successfully took the city of Jericho and Joshua was magnified in Israel. However, one of the members of his camp, Achan, secretly stole the accursed thing by taking an outfit and silver and gold.

The next venture was to overtake Ai. Joshua sent out spies and they determined that Joshua should only send two or three thousand men. Joshua sent about three thousand men to Ai expecting a sure victory. Israel ended up retreating and thirty-six men were killed. Needless to say, Joshua was distraught and confused as to why Israel was not victorious. After all, God had promised that every place his feet went, it would be given to him, right? Well, God revealed to Joshua that Israel had sinned against God by taking the accursed thing. God also warned Joshua that He would not be with them any longer until that unconfessed, accursed thing was destroyed.

|The Accursed Thing|

Just like Joshua, God has made many promises of victory in our lives. Some are for all believers and some may be personal. Sometimes waiting on our promise is a matter of patience. However, there are other times where the Achan in our lives has stolen our promise. When we are not living a victorious life, it's time to step back and do an evaluation. Ask yourself: Do I have an accursed thing in my camp? Have I broken my covenant with God in any way? Do I have any unconfessed sin? Is there an Achan in my camp holding my victory hostage with stolen goods? Am I my own Achan?

These stolen goods can appear in many forms. Some of us have been promised marriages that have not come to fruition. Perhaps it's because there is still a soul tie with a previous lover that has not been severed and Achan is hoarding a part of you hostage. Some of us have ministries that God has promised, but there is no fruit being produced. It could be because there is an Achan in your ministry that has transgressed against God and is holding the progress of your ministry hostage. Some of us have been promised a closer walk or a deeper level of intimacy with he Lord and it doesn't seem to be happening. Perhaps it's because you are still holding onto the accursed object of unforgiveness that is preventing your breakthrough. Maybe you were promised career advancement, but it seems like you cannot break a glass ceiling. Perhaps there is an accursed object of unconfessed sin that is blocking your blessing. The accursed thing represents disobedience to God. Sometimes this is intentional and sometimes we can be ignorant.

|Removing The Accursed Thing|

Joshua ended up conducting a search of all the tribes and he eventually ended up at Achan. Achan confessed that he was the one who was responsible for Israel's defeat and returned the items. Just like Joshua, we have to conduct a search and our search is done by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has the ability to recognize things that we cannot see. He knows our blind spots and He knows those the hidden idols of our hearts. He knows the unconfessed sins that need atonement. He knows the Achans of our lives who try to steal our victories. It's always wise to ask the Holy Spirit to do a search so we can walk in a victorious life.

Joshua and all of Israel took Achan's family and possession. They ended up stoning Achan and then setting him on fire. This seems brutal, but this represents getting rid of the accursed thing and everything associated with it. Achan had demonstrated that He could not be trusted. Oftentimes, we try to manage the Achan instead of removing it. If God has told you to destroy the Achan in your life, destroy it and get rid of everything associated. Achan has to die whether it's a toxic lover, a "friend" that separates you from God, a pagan or occultist idol, or a stubborn part of your old man that doesn't want to die.

Let the fire of the Holy Ghost burn up these idols and refine us. Your victory has been promised by God and He wants you to walk into it. God wants you to thrive in your marriage, to win souls in your ministry, to have abundant life, and to know that you can depend on Him. Remove the Achans and the accursed things in your life and walk victorious in Christ!

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