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Happy Mother's Day

Dear GOD, I was a thought,

oh what great things you thought about me. I was a WORD,

you spoke life into my very being.

Into my mothers womb I go to,

stitch me from head to toe.

Bigger and bigger I grew,

You allowed me to come from heaven

to show me another life in you.

Pushing through her thighs,

she anxiously waits to hear me cry.

Your beauty grace covers her in that moment,

She was made to do this!

I was made to do this!

Into her arms I go,

This is the feeling she been waiting to know,

you said it would be great,

but this is more than what I could ever imagine.

Welcome to motherhood you did a wonderful job and he is a beautiful little guy

She has the most beautiful brown eyes

And comforts me every time I cry,

She gives me hugs and kisses, and

encourages me in way in which I should grow

There is no love like her on this earth,

thank you for allowing your beautiful daughter to give me birth.

Happy Mother's Day!

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