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When Silence Becomes Beautiful (Spoken Word)

I didn’t always find you beautiful

That’s not the relationship that I wanted

The idea of being confronted by those things that keep me haunted

All that I know is I really don’t want it

I’d rather have gin and tonic

I’d rather have sin and flaunt it

I’d rather have them electronics

Tell me, where is the beauty of silence?

When I can watch violence

And travel to islands

And focus all my time on making thousands

And thousands and

And thousands turn to millions

In big tall buildings. Sky scrapers

If we build it high enough, maybe we can touch God

I’m just babbling

I know the Truth pierces deep like a javelin

So, I’ll just bath in these comfortable lies and I’m lathering

The time of my life. That’s what I’m having and

It’s all good as long as the noise keep travelling

The city never sleeps

The prince and power of the air

You breathe his message in deep and never have a care

They say ignorance is bliss, so I’m purposely unaware

That we’re all going to meet God and I may not be prepared

I didn’t always find you beautiful

But then one day it hit me

And brought me to my knees like a shot to the kidneys

That all the Whitney’s, Tiffany’s, and Sydney’s

Could never really get me

And the rest is history

But like I told them I gotta tell you that

It’s not you, but it’s …me

But this time I really mean it

You were always beautiful, but it was me who was ugly

It was me wrestling with those who didn’t hug me

It was me who was scared to find a name that was above me

I was scared of the Light that would expose me and judge me

So, I loved noise noise noise

Surrounded by friends and hanging with the boys

Till the noise began to consume me and I had to make a choice

To finally quiet down and learn that still small voice

And what I discovered is hard to explain

The beauty of learning that there’s more grace than shame

There’s more mercy than there is blame

There’s more excitement in serving you than trying to gain fame

And the best feeling in the world is the fact that you know my name

Being in Your presence causes me to be changed

And my ugly has turned to beauty and my life’s been rearranged.

That's when silence becomes beautiful.


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