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"Women's Liberation": The True and the False

| The Oldest Trick In the Book |

There is an interesting dynamic that is happening in our society. It's been in the making since the beginning of human history, but has progressed exponentially in recent times. Depending on where you stand on the matter, you will consider it an epidemic or a progressive milestone. I'm talking about women's liberation and the female independence movement. We live in a society that is very feminist conscious, so this may be considered controversial. So I'm writing a disclaimer that if you are easily offended, then this may not be the blog for you. However, I do believe that the perspective that is shared can be freeing, eye opening, and empowering.

Liberation can only be required if there is captivity. Therefore, in order to understand the women's liberation movement, we have to evaluate the containment or imprisonment from which women are being freed. This investigation is where we are really able to divide the true liberation from false. To see how we got to where we are today, let's start with the original man and woman, Adam and Eve. Adam was created and placed in the Garden of Eden, and Eve was taken from his rib. Adam was given dominion over all the earth. He and Eve were free to partake of any tree except of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which was in the midst of the garden. The consequence of eating from this tree was death.

Adam and Eve started out completely righteous with life. Righteousness means that they were in right-standing with God, and life is to be connected to God. That's a great place to be! However, the serpent approached Eve with a narrative that she could be much better off and was being restricted by an unrighteous God. He started by planting a seed of doubt in her head by questioning the clear instruction from God. Then, he went as far as to accuse God of being a liar, branding Him as a dishonest and unrighteous dictator. The serpent lied to Eve and told her that she would not die and that God only told them that because He knew that if they ate of the fruit then they would be gods themselves.

Once the serpent's groundwork was laid, Eve was convinced that God's plan for her life was bondage. The serpent was cunning enough to convince her that she needed to be freed from God. Imagine that! Not only did He convince her that she could survive in rebellion to God, but he convinced her that she could thrive independent of God. This is the very inception of the independent woman. The fruit wasn't the only thing that appealed to Eve. The driving factor was the idea of being a god herself. The independent woman functions in chaos because chaos is the result of going out of order. Selfish ambition, lustful desires, and rebellion against God are what did in Eve and any woman functioning in this false independence.

This type of false liberation has been Satan's strategy even before Adam and Eve. He used this blueprint to convince one third of the angels that God they needed freedom from God and would be better off rebelling and becoming independent. This is the very mantra of satanism. Contrary to popular belief, satanism is not the worship of Satan, but worshiping yourself and being self-governed. The mantra of master satanist Aleister Crowley is "Thelema" which means "Do as thou Wilt shall be the whole of the law." This is the belief system of most people. Phrases and concepts like, "YOLO", "It's My Prerogative", and "If it feels good,do it" are all latent forms of satanism, which is why most people are practicing satanists and don't even know it. Self-will is actually the default nature of humanity until we receive salvation and are reconciled back to God through Christ.

| SAMs: Silent, Absent, or Missing |

As bad of a rap as Eve gets from this debacle, it's really Adam who is most at fault. Adam is the embodiment and prototype of the out-of-place and lust filled male. Out of place and lust filled men are the catalyst of everything that is wrong with society today because God gave Adam dominion over the earth and leadership responsibilities. When God felt the separation from his creation, He asked Adam where he was...which is a great question. Where was Adam throughout this entire ordeal? The dialogue is a one-on-one conversation between Eve and the serpent, and if you look closely, you'll find that Adam never ever spoke to the serpent. Why was Eve able to have this one-on-one conversation alone?

Most artistic depictions of the fall show Adam and Eve and the serpent all in the scene. If this is the case, that makes it even worse. That means that Adam was not out of place physically (which may have been more excusable), but he was out of place emotionally and authoritatively. Where are the absentee fathers, the absentee uncles, and the absentee mentors. "Adams", where are you!? The answer to this question is that Adam was too busy idolizing the gift that God had given him. I know this because Adam prioritized the influence of Eve over the word of God when He chose to eat of the fruit as well. If Adam had not eaten the fruit then mankind would still have dominion over the earth. Eve was nothing more than a pawn to to get dominion of the earth in Satan's hands. When men function as SAMs (silent, absent, or missing) then it allows dominion to get into the wrong hands.

So, we see that the false liberation movement is freedom to do what you want with the result of death. Meanwhile, true liberation is the freedom to obey the word of God with the reward of eternal life. Ironically, Satan's false liberation actually placed human nature in the bondage of sin, which affects all of mankind. His solution to this is the same lie that worked on Eve. Satan promotes that the solution to sin is that you are free to sin, whereas genuine salvation through Christ is being freed from sin.

In America, many of the societal norms and values were founded upon Judaeo-Christian values. Over time, and exponentially within recent time, there has been a resistance to the Christian paradigm for men and women. Instead of maintaining the Christian principles, there has been a steady movement away from the word of God. Much of this has been spawned by the feminist movement and women's liberation. Don't get me wrong, some of the concepts behind the feminist movement were reasonable. However, as the fruit of feminism begins to manifest in our society, we are seeing what the true end game really it. It's really a false liberation that "frees" women to be independent from men and from God. God designed women and men to compliment each other. He could have easily made Eve from her own batch of dirt, but he chose to take her from Adam so they could function in chemistry.

| True Liberation |

True liberation, which is freedom from sin and eternal life must come through a righteous man. Look at the example of the woman who was taken in "in the very act" of adultery. Her accusers were very mindful to point out that she was caught "in the very act" to solidify her guilt. This offense was sure to be their trump card and the nail in per proverbial and literal coffin. This woman was subject to being stoned to death according to the Mosaic law. Jesus interceded on this woman's behalf and told them that whichever of them was without sin should cast the first stone.

After the accusers left, Jesus told her to "Go, and sin no more." Jesus set this woman free. Setting her free from the stoning was only the surface. The true liberation was that Christ empowered her to sin no more. The woman was about to be stoned because she was operating in rebellion. Her sin nature caused her to live in rebellion and was on the verge of causing her physical death. However, a righteous man came in and freed her to live holy.

An unrighteous, lustful man committed adultery with her because it takes two to tango. Unrighteous, out of place men were her accusers who were blaming her and accusing her of being a whore, even though it was Adam who bound her in this nature to begin with. These men were religious leaders who were more interested in being in someone's bedroom than matters of God. The scripture even states that these men were not even interested in the woman's actions. They were using her as a pawn to try to outwit Jesus. Lust filled and selfish men who use women for selfish gain are the worst.

Things like the destruction of gender, immodest apparel, slut walks, abortions, and the agenda of male and female separation are the main lies of false liberation. All of these are forms of rebellion against God. Just as Jesus was a righteous man who freed the woman caught in adultery, there needs to be righteous men to guide women into true freedom, which can only be found in Christ alone.

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