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This is what I've been given; I write rhymes

Like a police officer living to fight crimes

Like the artist contours with the right lines

It's all a manifestation of God's mind

So easy to use this gift to impress men

But it's the sin from within that's impressive to them

They add notes to it...

Musical melodies - they compose to it

Jump around, pump their fists and elbows to it

Yeah, they dance to it

Like that wolf, they huff and puff and make chants to it

People pleaser for a season

Said, "YES" to everyTHANG

My flesh wanted to be the BEST at everyTHANG

Blamed the enemy for it all cuz he put me through it

Truth be told, the things he whispered...

I agreed to it

Stretched till I was see-through

But God said, "Girl, I see you!"

Rest now.

Be free IN ME and get healed up

My blood shed so you could plead it

and be sealed up!"

Yeah, He loved me so well that I couldn't sleep

Did miracles so BIG that I couldn't weep.

I take this gift now and do what God said

Redirect all of this attention to the Godhead.


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