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Halo Braids

They say the physical is just a manifestation of the spiritual So when I get the visual of each and every individual Braid around your head that’s divisible I see why It’s like an angel how I picture you

It kinda reminds me of a basket…but what does it contain I wonder what’s maintained in that brain I can only imagine the pain of surviving alone in a world that’s insane

See, ever since I told God “That Woman You Gave me” I’ve been hiding from responsibility and being lazy I can’t be a man until I go to the One that made me So I left you to male role models like Lil Wayne and Jay Z Abandoning your child, saying that’s not my baby Calling you a ho when I never taught you the A, B C’s of life. So you see life hazy I never valued you as a lady

I’m sorry for making you lead I’m sorry for the curse that’s still making you bleed I’m sorry I didn’t protect you from the serpent and that tree I’m sorry that we had to sew together fig leaves I didn’t respect you when you had a wig or a weave But you were still beautiful, I was just too ignorant to see The pressure of society, Maybe it’s Mabaline Brazilian butt lifts, and plastic surgery

See, You were designed to be my reflection And I manipulated that to satisfy an erection I apologize to the religious section But it’s 12 year old girls that’s out here sexting With no shot gun fathers to carry a smith and Wesson Not taking you to be a wife, but taking you to best western Hittin’ it for one night and never calling back or texting Not leading you to Christ, so how can you get a blessing

Fellas, This is not simpin' I’m just a man that see’s with clear vision To confront the things society won’t mention And the hurt that’s going on deep down inside the women Feminism, nothing more than anger from men slippin' Because if there no dollars, there would be no stripping And if there were more fathers, they wives wouldn’t be missing And if we was more harder, they would know their position

I love you in your natural state Took you to McDonald's when I should have got you a steak Took you on a date, went dutch, and asked you to pay Let the romance die, knowing I got you that way I got a new walk now, look what I got you today [hands flowers] I Bought you some fresh flower, and I got you a vase Do whatever takes, just to see that smile on ya face Help you out with dinner, won’t you pass the spatula, babe

I love your hair follicles God created you perfect. Down to every molecule I love every detail. Your flaws, I mean, all of you And I promise to be your refuge from everything that bothers you When things get tough and this world tries to swallow you. To the kids, I vow to be a good role model too So when they see me, they’ll say dad we wanna follow you And when I make a promise, from now on I will follow through.

Woman, you don’t find me, I find you And I know you’ve got a past, but you put that behind you So I will never ever use it to bind you Not to mention, mine too But I found Christ and now my Mind grew Born again to new life and picked up my Bible Ephesians 5:25, I need a rib to connect to my spinal And when I see those halo braid connect in a spiral It makes me get down on 1 knee, asking will meet me at the altar and say “I do”

~Gregory Brown

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