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A World Where 2+2=5

Pop Quiz! 2+2=???

I'll go with 4, final answer! Right? Well, it depends...

Recently, Twitter was in a frenzy over a tweet by a user named @ConceptualJames that read, "2+2=4: A perspective in White, Western mathematics that marginalizes other possible values." This prompted many on Twitter to trend "2+2=5" as an endorsement of James' point that 2+2 is not a fact, but rather a western perspective that's inconsiderate of other walks of life. What should be a simple math problem is actually a microcosm for a much larger ideological debate.

The argument from woke Twitter that suggests 2+2=5 because "2" is nothing more than a symbol that represents a value. Since "2" is a symbol, it's value can be whatever someone wants it to be. So, if someone believes that "2" has a value of [what we know as] 2.5, then 2+2 would equal 5 based on that person's beliefs and perception of that symbol. So in the mind of @ConceptualJames, 2+2=4 only because "white, western mathematics" have told us so. Ultimately, this example is really a statement about how we perceive authority and who determines truth.

...According to whom?

The reason why the symbol 2 has a value of 2 is because at some point in human history, it was established as such. That establishment means that someone became the authority over our numeric symbols and there was a general consensus to accept it. But what if someone doesn't agree with that consensus? Or, what if someone is from some indigenous culture and to them "2" means zebra? For them, 2+2 may not necessarily equal 4. James' is really suggesting that much of our thinking is not objective, absolute truth, but rather a relative truth that is based on perspective.

The idea of relative truth, i.e."my truth"or "your truth", is very popular today. You hear it everywhere from schools and universities to mainstream media to even everyday conversation. But why has this concept become so popular? Well, the most appealing thing about "my" truth is that I am personally in charge of it. When it's "my" truth, that means that I have the freedom to form my own reality and I'm not bound by any definitions or rules from anyone it's - it's MY truth.

A world of relative truth is a world where no one is the final authority of truth. The 2+2=5 mindset removes any authority over concrete definition. It rebukes any declaration of normalized thinking with the question, "...according to whom?"

"A father should be the head of his household." ...according to whom?

"A woman should carry herself with modesty and self-respect." ...according to whom?

"A man is a person with one X and one Y chromosome and male genitalia." ...according to whom?

The real question is: who, if anyone, is the final authority of truth? Well, the root word of authority is author, and God is the author of all creation. He spoke everything into existence through words. So, that means the word of God is the final authority of what's truth and what's not.

The reason why the woke, liberal mind embraces relative truth is because it is a Godless mind that views its own self as god. If there is no final authority on truth, then I become my own personal authority of truth - making me the god of truth. However, if there is a God, I am subject to His dictates, His definitions, and His authority. The liberal mind prefers a world where there is no real definition or authority.

To Infinity and Beyond

The danger of a world with no definition, or even fluctuating definition, is that it is a world with no order. Anything that doesn't function in order automatically functions in chaos. Let's consider the simple example of "2+2=5" and how ridiculous it would be if we embraced everyone's perspective on what 2+2 equals:

Five people go to the store and each picks up a couple of bags of chips marked $2. One person gives the cashier $5 based on his beliefs. Another gives the cashier $1,000. One more gives him a few zebras. The fourth gives him a bag of balloons. And the normal person finally gives him $4.

It sounds like a silly example, but that's exactly what is going on in our society today. The reason why you have to go into a University classroom and memorize 25+ unique pronouns is because of relative truth. There's literally an infinite amount of ways that a human can qualify themselves, and society wants everyone to bend over backwards under the guise of tolerance and inclusion.

Conclusion: What's Really at Work

Truthfully, I can make the argument that "2" is nothing more than a symbol, but the reality is that I submit myself to the authority of 2 being 2. What's really at work is the spirit of rebellion that wants to be "liberated" from the authority of God. God dictates to us what's acceptable and what's not. God established the fact that there is a such thing as "normal." 2+2=4 is normal and we should correct or reject any idiot or ignorant who believes otherwise.

Although, James' tweet may have been about the insensitivity and bigotry of the dominant culture, it was actually a glimpse of fallen man's desire to reject authority and the idea of normalcy. 2+2=5 is nothing more than a rebellious musing of the larger thought process of the satanic mind. Contrary to popular belief, Satanism is not the worshiping of Satan, but rather, the worshiping of one's self. The motto "do as thou wilt" shall be the whole of the law.

I will close by saying that the very same false doctrine that deceived Eve in the garden of Eden is the very same doctrine in operation today. God gave His word loud at clear. Yet, the serpent always comes and whispers, "Did God really say that?... Ye shall not surely die." A world where 2+5=5 is a chaotic and Godless world with no order. I encourage you to hold on to the truth of God, recognize Him as the final authority of truth, and submit yourself to His truth, so that you will have eternal life.


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